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A good friend referred me to Ellen, because she had good experience with her treatments. I had several problems like recurrent strain injuries on my elbows and I didn’t get pregnant after my miscarriage. I also had some vague problems, low energy and I wasn’t completely cured from depression which started 6 years ago. I felt like I had a gap in my belly which made me feel sad and empty. Then Ellen started to treat me and my elbow problems quickly disappeared. But on the other hand I didn’t feel anything was changing. My moods even got worse at a certain point. But after that everything changed and things got better and better. My energy levels raised and the empty feeling was gone. I feel much happier and I’m very grateful for that!. And after 6 failed IUI treatments, I got pregnant with my first IVF treatment, all combined with acupuncture treatments. At the moment I’m 34 weeks pregnant. Ellen is a very nice and reliable person. She is a real professional and very talented in her profession and I feel very comfortable being treated by her.

Lisette van Dijk

After a burned out situation I was back to work but didn’t have the energy to do much else next to my day job. After treatment with acupuncture I’m able to have a nice evening and even play sports again! Ellen has also given me nutritional recommendations to make sure I eat the right food for energy. My headaches are almost gone and I have a good night sleep again. I’m now being treated only every four weeks to keep the balance till I can manage on my inner strenght...

Frans Brokboer

After a rough time in my life, I was finally back on track but still very tired, I hadn’t much appetite and had difficulty to sleep. After a few treatments I felt the energy back again! The stagnation in my body disappeared and I felt back to normal again. But then there were other changes than physical as well, because I regained the strength to listen to my body and make the right choices. I think that not only the acupuncture did that but also Ellen with her sensible way of communicating.

Inez van Broekhove

I got to know Ellen and acupuncture by Googling. For a while I was suffering from depression and through acupuncture and a positive mind I’ve been cured now. Since then I occasionally visit Ellen for treatment after sportsinjuries which helps me to quickly recover. Sometimes I only need just one treatment!

B. Jansen

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