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Matthijs opens the door of Praktijk IJspeert, in Heelsum. He feels a little uncomfortable. When being a healthy 16 year old boy you don’t regularly visit a “doctor”. But within the next minutes he feels more at ease. He says being here feels good but also professional. I recognise the feeling. The words ‘good’ and ‘professional’ suit Ellen IJspeert. She expresses professionalism and at the same time real care for her patients. Also her practice room expresses that feeling; the orange tinted details give a warm and comfortable atmosphere and the paintwork makes the professional atmosphere. Me and my son regularly visit this acupuncturist. During the treatment I put my focus on my body. I am aware of the interaction between my body and mind. This focussing really works for me. The needles do their job. And I yet want to know more about the long history of the Chinese medical tradition and the relationship with my western lifestyle. That’s what I also can learn from Ellen. The scientific basis, Ellens need for scientific new information is probably the power and success of her practice.

Josette Jacobs

My 7 year old daughter suffered long time with severe coughing, she had dark circles around her eyes and she was not fit at all. This situation was hard to influence. Even in summertime her condition didn’t change for the better. And she used to be a very energetic girl! After 3 treatments from Ellen with Japanese acupuncture she was fit again with a healthy luster on her face. Like she was reloaded with energy again. The way Ellen treats her, gives my daughter a lot of trust. I accompanied her during treatment of course but the two of them were having a good time together. My daughter is very conscious about Ellens good intentions and therefore she likes to go to her. Now we visit Ellen now and again to keep up the situation.

Emilie Angel

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