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At the beginning of december I started acupuncture to get rid off the extra weight I gained during my two pregnancies. December is of course a difficult time of the year to start losing weight, with all the celebrations, but with the dietary advice I was able to eat and enjoy ánd lose weight at the same time. I am very happy and thankful for the changes in my dietary lifestyle. Meantime I lost 13 kilograms, it’s now going slowly but during a birthday party I can have some cake or during holidays I can join the BBQ or eat icecream etc. So generally I still use the dietary list and this has really become my own lifestyle now. I’m still surprised I manage not to overeat when snacking because I didn’t manage to control that in the past. During the holidays I sometimes had a hard time to keep on track, but now back at work I can easily control myself again. I am very satisfied, mainly because I am able to use and enjoy delicious food as well. That happy feeling give me the calmness to continue this.

Joyce Roeleveld

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