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To perform the correct treatment a holistic, complete view of the patient is very important. Every treatment is a unique situation and will be fine tuned to fit the situation. Information is gathered through asking, looking and feeling(palpation). The surface of the tongue and the pulsation of the pulse gives detailed information about the yin-yang balance and the meridians. When performing Toyohari acupuncture (Japanese acupuncture) the surface of the ankles, wrists and stomach is also being examined.

Treatment with Chinese acupuncture is being performed by putting very small needles in the acupuncture points for 10-20 minutes. Sometimes this is accompanied by cupping, a sort of massage or warming the acupuncture points with a moxastick. Treatment with Japanese acupuncture, Toyohari style, is a step by step treatment of the necessary acupuncture points and is painfree. This can be accompanied by okyu (small grains of moxa). Both kinds of acupuncture can be supported by ear acupuncture.

Every treatment is unique. During the intake I’ll discus with you whether Chinese or Japanese acupuncture suits your situation best.

The Dutch Association for Acupuncture (NVA) has made a short film about going to the acupuncturist:

In the years before being an acupuncturist I worked as a physiotherapist. During my acupuncture treatments I also pay attention to posture, (joint) mobility, exercise and to breathing. I can give advice and exercises. In most cases I also give dietary advice and put emphasis on a healthy lifestyle.
The first meeting is an intake ánd treatment and it lasts for about an hour. Next treatments last for about 45 minutes. For rates click here.

Blood donor

Are you a blood donor? I always work with sterile single use needles. Because I am member of the Dutch Association for Acupuncture (NVA), I work according to high hygiene standards and it is no problem to be treated by me and be a blood donor at the same time.

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