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A lot of different problems can be influenced by acupuncture. Acute problems but also chronic situations can be helped. Some people even use acupuncture as a preventative, for example in the case of hayfever. All kinds of pain and tiredness can be treated, to resolve, or to diminish the need of medicine. I also treat triggerpoints with dry-needling. During or to become pregnant acupuncture can assist the health and wellbeing of mother and child and even help in case of breech position of by inducing labour. I’m specialized in womens problems, fertility and mental well being. See below for the extended list of problems to be influenced by acupuncture.

If you want to stop smoking or lose weight acupuncture can assist to do so as long as you are highly motivated.


Acupuncture can also be used for children. The Japanese Toyohari style is the best way to use for children because it’s painfree. Problems like bedwetting, allergies, fears, sleeping problems are well responding to the treatment. Often the parents are advised to massage one or two points daily at home which improves also the important (energetic) interaction between parent and child. Babies and todlers are frequently treated through the parent, in a combination treatment. Because of their lively energy system children respond quickly to treatment.

Listed below (in alphabetic order) are the situations most treated by acupuncture. Also problems less well known can be treated. Please feel free to inquire.

Aching throat





Back-and neckpain

Breathing problems

Breech position baby


Chronic fatigue

Chronic flu or cold

Chronic pain

Dental problems

Ear problems

Eye problems

Fear, all kinds

Gynecological problems

Hair loss

Hayfever, also prevention of


High blood pressure


Losing weight




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